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The National Institute for Literacy - LINCS - Bridges to Practice training evaluation form is now avaliable. This information will be used to collect data regarding the effectiveness of the programs. As an agency of the federal government, the Institute is required by law to assess the success of its programs, demonstrate outcomes, and improve program effectiveness. Click Here for the form.

National LINCS Links & Directories
Navigating directories at all levels including national directories, state/local directories, and other resource links.

America's Literacy Directory
Connecting potential learners and volunteers to literacy services in their communities, including adult basic education, English as a second language, GED preparation, homework assistance, and after school programs.

NIFL in the States
NIFL in the States is a research and implementation tool.
Select a state to learn more about NIFL's involvement in state-level activities, to identify contacts and key resources in the states, and to locate state-level policy and legislative information.

National Resources for Adults with Learning Disabilities
National Clearinghouse On Postsecondary Education for Individuals With Disabilities

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State/Local Programs

North Carolina Adult Basic Skills / Literacy Data Base

Virginia Adult Education and Literacy Programs

Tennessee AEOnline Information System

Tennessee ABE Programs Statewide

Parent Partners - The parent training and information center for Mississippi