Southern LINCS

Name of Organization: Center for Literacy Studies

Region: Southern LINCS

Reporting Period: July/August 2003

Project Director: Jean Stephens

Report Prepared By: Jean Stephens

Southern LINCS July/August Report This summer has been a period of reorganization for many Southern LINCS partners. Susan Joyner left the Virginia Resource Center; Jane Martel, our contact in Kentucky, had moved to NCFL; Colleen Clark in South Carolina has other duties and the new contact is Janet Thompson; and Martha Bryant in Louisiana is being moved to new duties. We will be working with many new contacts in the next few months as we begin the work of the new grant year.

Major statewide events in North Carolina and Tennessee had a LINCS focus this summer. Tennessee distributed the CD to all AE/GED/Families First teachers (approximately 450) during science sessions at the summer Academy. Science Special Collection coordinator, Susan Cowles, and AALPD discussion list moderator, Jackie Taylor, were the presenters for these sessions and included LINCS in their presentations.

In North Carolina, the LINCS CD was demonstrated during a luncheon keynote address by Jean Stephens to over 700 adult educators in NC's Basic Skills programs at the Community College system. Everyone received a CD.

At the recent EFF Institute in Washington, DC., the EFF Special Collection and LINCS were demonstrated to all the new facilitators. Brochures and postcards were distributed to all 85 participants from 20 states. The new online Teaching & Learning Toolkit was demonstrated.