Southern LINCS Showcase

Winter 2004

LINCS Training & Marketing Resources
The Southern LINCS RTC Staff have developed a series of resources and presentations for use in getting the word out about LINCS and it's usefulness to Adult Educators. These resources are available free of charge to all LINCS partners for their own use in presenting and training about LINCS.

Tennessee ESOL in the workplace
This training manual was developed for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) supervisors and instructors to prepare them to launch successful workplace initiatives in business and industry. Major topics include: knowing and presenting your adult education program to business and industry, knowing your community's needs and understanding the workplace, designing a plan to deliver and sustain educational services to the workforce, and knowing your results by evaluating and monitoring progress.

How adult literacy practitioners use research
Staff members of the Texas literacy resource center asked the following questions about how practitioners use the research related materials the center distributes: Do they have any impact on practice, and is this what practitioners expect when they call the center to borrow materials, or visit the center's website? In 2002, TCALL staff conducted a research project to discover what practitioners really think of research, and what kind of use they make of it. Even though the authors are all trained academic researchers, they entered the project determined to bracket their professional perspective and build bridges across a gulf they perceived between practitioner and researcher views of research. The central idea of this discussion is application - the way that research gets applied to practice in an educational context.

REEP ESL curriculum for adults
REEP has developed an on-line adult ESL instructional system to assist educators in enabling adult students of English to navigate U.S. systems. Life skills instruction, student voice, and integration of technology are cornerstones of this system, which consists of 9 proficiency levels ranging from low beginning to advanced.

Summer 2002

Southern LINCS proudly recommends the following exceptional sites from our region:

Workplace Essential Skills for Health Care Providers
This publication was created by the State of Kentucky Investment in Lifelong Learning (SKILL) branch of the Kentucky Department of Adult Education and Literacy at the request of the Kentucky Association of Health Care Providers. The curriculum is divided into three units covering communication, mathematics, and problem-solving skills for the health care provider.

South Carolina
Curriculum for Food Service Assistants Teacher's Manual
Curriculum for Food Service Assistants Student Manual
This curriculum was created by the Workplace Resource Center and funded by the South Carolina Department of Education. Food services employees were involved in a job profiling process that allowed the Workplace Center to determine training needs for employees. Both teacher and student manuals are available.

Learning Skills: A Comprehensive Orientation and Study Skills Course Designed for Tennessee Families First Adult Education Classes is a learner-centered curriculum that incorporates KSA's (knowledge, skills and attitudes) and EFF standards into each lesson. The curriculum was developed through the Center for Literacy Studies, University of Tennessee in partnership with the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

Workplace Skills for the Adult Learner: An Integrated Curriculum is a project funded by the Verizon corporation and produced by George Mason University. This six-week curriculum covers the academic and technical skills needed for GED preparation and sustainable employment. The curriculum integrates and reinforces job readiness, office technology, and academic skills. Emphasis is placed on building self-confidence and interpersonal skills through self-assessment, goal setting, simulations and team building activities. The teaching approaches include direct instruction of specific skills and hands-on activities.