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March 15, 2002
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    About LINCS Redesign

    LINCS redesign is an important strategy that NIFL has adopted in moving towards a comprehensive national system. __________________________________________________________

    Benefits and main features of the redesigned system:
    • Developed with the end users in mind
    • Ease of access to resources (audience searches, special collections)
    • Enabling user to have control over what they want (My LINCS)
    • Providing a platform for communication (public and private lists)
    • Providing teaching and learning resources (web-based resources)
    • Providing expertise (special collections, discussion lists)

    The new system/ template supports:
    • Maximizing efficiency (special collections, audience searches)
    • Connecting to existing resources/not recreating/avoiding duplication (fact sheets, directories, calendar)
    • Enriching the knowledge base (locally produced materials)
    • Attracting new resources, knowing what to look for (categories of information/resources)
    • Encouraging collaboration (discussion lists and various teams/committees)
    • Facilitating training/ learning technology

    Adopting the new LINCS template:

    The LINCS template is easy to adopt. By adopting the new template, you will save many hours of work in site development. You will have a well-organized, easy-to-navigate site that provides your end users with a literacy connection across states, regions, and the whole nation. __________________________________________________________

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