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March 15, 2002
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    Guidelines on Using Template


    • One correction is that we hope everyone will add a SHOWCASE button to their page -- under the ABOUT STATE/PARTNER category. The SHOWCASE is just like the SHOWCASE in the various LINCS Special Collections and offers you a chance to highlight new materials or initiatives, superior locally produced materials by learners and practitioners, etc., so please be thinking about potential content.

    • We are encouraging LINCS partners to adopt as many components of the template as work for them. The highest priority is the LEFTSIDE navigation bar and the directional buttons. The 4 red buttons along the top point to services/products of the National LINCS site and Regional LINCS partners: the Collections (the Special Collections), Discussions (the various forums or electronic discussion lists, etc.,), My LINCS (a new profile feature for LINCS), and Hot Sites (the old Top 10).

    • If the categories of the LEFTSIDE navigation bar don't meet your needs, please contact Wil Hawk; we want to minimize the deviations from the template . . . but we will work with you to create any additional buttons you might need.

    • We recommend that states/partners incorporate their logos in the top banner -- to the right of the LINCSearch graphic, etc., and to the left of the Text, Site Map, Help, & Home links. Although we are making it more clear that LINCS is a national system consisting of multiple partners at the state and local levels, we don't want individual organizations to lose their sense of identity. Color schemes, general arrangement, etc., are clearly yours to decide . . . as are fonts, etc.

    • IF you are lacking information to "fill" a category, link to NIFL & LINCS (regional or national) resources, especially the LINCS Calendar, the LINCS Grants page, and the NIFL Fact Sheets. This will provide users with substantial information and buy you time to collect or create local level resources.

    • The LINCSearch and Quick Links features (top left) are part of the left navigation bar and elements we imagine partners will want to include in their sites. The LINCS databases are being refined to facilitate searching at the state, regional, and national level. Each partner will want to tailor the Quick Links for their page/users. We will help with this adaptation later in the redesign process.

    • States and other partners are also encouraged to include a LINCS logo and the following statement "This site is part of the National LINCS Network." on their page. This could appear anywhere it works with your organizational scheme. One possibility is near the bottom of the home page resting above the directional buttons leading users to Contact (a link to the page maintainers/authors), National LINCS, About LINCS, NIFL, Eastern LINCS, Midwest LINCS, Southern LINCS, and Western/Pacific LINCS. **Remember, LINCS should appear in bold and italics . . . like a trademark.

    • The LEFTSIDE navigation bar stays amazingly similar throughout the site. This consistency within the site should help users find their way. The consistency across sites in the LINCS Consortium should also ease use across the related LINCS sites. This navigation bar appears on the home page of a LINCS partner organization.

      The text of the home page is a brief introduction to your organization and the work done by the organization. When users follow a link, say the ORGANIZATION link (to a page with history, longer text narrative about the organization) link from the top of the state/partner page, they are taken to the second tier of the site. The ORGANIZATION link is then bolded (on the second tier page) to show the user where s/he is.

      This is accomplished by replacing the button with the link in it with a different button (with the bolded text), which our design team will make available to you.

      The other links within the same category (e.g., ABOUT XX, News & Events, About Literacy, Literacy Resources) also show up, but are not in bold. The remainder of the categories and the links within those categories do not appear on the second tier. This shows that the user has narrowed the field of the information they are browsing/exploring.

    • Links from the second tier to the third may take users outside the LINCS system to any number of resources or to a document that is within the system. This DOCUMENT LEVEL does not necessarily continue the LINCS Consortium banner or navigation scheme. (Wil Hawk, NIFL)

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