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October 26, 2001
"Finish Your GED by December 2001 —A New Race Begins January 2002" Make your scores count — or lose them? Pass all five tests and earn your GED diploma by December 2001, or start over again. After the new GED Tests are introduced in January 2002, only test scores from the new tests will county toward earning a GED diploma. For more Information from the GED Testing Service, check out our Oklahoma partner site.

Our South Carolina partner site has new information on the State of Literacy in America. Check it out at sclrc.org/index.htm

The beginning of "Fiscal Year 2002" brings with it a lot of newly developed instructional and programmatic tools/issues. Below is a list of links that highlight What's New for our West Virginia partners.

September 20, 2001
The Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center has updated it's site in keeping with the LINCS template. Great new interface and lots of updated information. Make sure to check it out.

July 6, 2001
The next Commission on Adult basic Education (COABE) National Conference is scheduled from May 8-11, 2002 in South Carolina. Check out the web site now available at http://www.coabe2002.org.

July 6, 2001
Our Virginia partner has put up a Computer Literacy Program Guide on their website. Click here to visit.

March 26, 2001
The Texas Education Agency (TEA) administers both state and federal funds that support a variety of programs to benefit public education. Depending on their funding source and purpose, these funds are available either on a formula entitlement basis to public school districts or on a competitive discretionary basis to public school districts, education service centers, colleges and universities, and private and public nonprofit organizations. Funds are sometimes available to individual public school campuses and other appropriate entities. Grant applications are due by April 24, 2001.

January 27, 2001
The Florida Literacy Coalition is holding it's 2001 conference in April. Also State Literacy Awards Open for Nominations! Check out their site for details! January 27, 2001
And from our Virginia partners. . .The Winter 2001 session of The Adult Learner Online 
will run from February 1 to March 30, 2001. Click here for details and to register online. January 27, 2001
Our partners in West Virginia have launched their ADULT BASIC EDUCATION
running from January 1 to June 30, 2001. Click here for details. January 9, 2001
Log on to the Arkansas site for details about their upcoming AACAE Conference 2/28/01 - 3/3/2001.

January 9, 2001
The Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center receives a $50,000 grant from Verizon. For more details go to www.vcu.edu/aelweb/whats_new.html