November 4, 2004

From our Florida Partner
Calendar Events for 24 conferences/workshops have been added to the State Resource Calendar

The web site for The Literacy Council of Upper Pinellas(LCUP) has been launched.

The web site for the GROWS has been launched.

A section was made to add information about Multiple Intelligences and included a link to the Accelerated Learning Web Site at

Several resources were added to the Grants and Funding section. One included the A.D. Henderson Foundation, Inc. of Fort Lauderdale.

2 web sites were added under "Manager/Administrator"- "Web Development Project". They are: LCUP and GROWS

Links to several resources were added. Verizon Literacy Campus ( was added under Family Literacy- Relevant Sites. GED Practice at was added under Student- Student Links. A link to the online course Instructing Visually Impaired Adults was added under Teacher- Tutor- Learning Disabilities- Resources

Policy and Legislation areas were updated with information about funding for Even Start and a link to the Workforce Alliance at

Links to two sites were added to Sites Worth Checking Out and include: The Literacy Assistance Center at and the Council for Advancement of Adult Literacy at

A Technology section was added to Teacher/Tutor and Administrator/Manager. A link was added to David Rosen's site of Adult Literacy Education Software Recommendations at

Several items were added to the Literacy News section. They include ESOL Exit Tests, information about the ACE exit test Conference, facts about Florida TechNet's new Reading and Reading Research Discussion Board and the FL Hurricane Relief Fund.

Several positions were added to Jobs in Literacy.

October 6, 2004

From our Texas Partner
The Texas Standardized Curriculum Framework (TSCF) Survey Results have been published at (July 2004 TCALL website publication by Seaman, Chen, Tomaszewski, and Tondre-El Zorkani) October 6, 2004
From our Arkansas Partner
The Learning Disabilities Referral Directory has been published on the Arkansas LINCS web site.

October 4, 2004

From our Virginia Partner
We have published our Computer Literacy Pre-service as an on-line module.

September 14, 2004

From our Florida Partner
Information concerning several grants was posted and activities for International Literacy Day and Literacy Month were added to our web site. The Directory of Florida Tutor Trainers has been updated. Printed materials and additional resources have been added to the "Order Materials" section.

September 10, 2004

From Our Texas Partner
Dr. Dominique T. Chlup became the new Director and Principal Investigator of TCALL (Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy and Learning) on September 1, 2004. Along with her administrative and research duties at TCALL, she will be an Assistant Professor in the Adult Education program area in the Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development at Texas A&M University. Dr. Don Seaman, who has served as Interim Director and Principal Investigator of TCALL since January 2004, will remain on TCALL's staff as Research Scientist with the Texas Adult Education Standards Project. The Adult Education Credential Project has unveiled its website: Housed at the Center for Initiatives in Education at Texas State University-San Marcos, the Credential Project will manage implementation of the Credential Model in collaboration with the eight regional GREAT Centers providing professional development around the state. For an update on the work of all eight regional GREAT Centers and their relationship with the Credential Project, see the article Research-Based Professional Development for Adult Educators by TCALL's Professional Development Specialist Ken Appelt -- link below in the LINCS cataloging section. We have added a Research page to TCALL's website, which includes TCALL's research-related publications. We have catalogued four additional publications into the LINCS Materials database. Those include:

  1. Follow-Up Data on Parents of Selected Even Start Programs in Texas: 2003 and 2004 (August 2004 TCALL website publication by Don F. Seaman:
  2. Using Evaluation Data to Document the Value of Even Start Family Literacy Programs(Spring 2003 TCALL website publication of Family Literacy Forum article by Chia-Yin Chen, Don F. Seaman, and Yvette D. Perry:
  3. Windows of Opportunity in Early Learning (June 2004 Literacy Links article by Jacqueline Gramann:
  4. Research-Based Professional Development for Adult Educators (June 2004 Literacy Links article by Ken Appelt:
September 2, 2004
From our Florida Partner,
The Summer edition of Literacy News was posted to our website at The website has recently received over 10,000 visits per month. Printed copies were distributed to 2200 people. This edition contained a "LINCS Corner" section on the Assessment Special Collection. LINCS materials are offered on our (free) Clearinghouse Resource Form. August 8, 2004
From our Virginia Partner,
The June/July edition of Update, our e-newsletter for adult educators has been published. The July edition of Outreach, our e-newsletter for community based literacy organizations has been published. August 8, 2004
From our Virginia Partner,
The Race to GED, the Governor's initiative to double the number of GED's awarded to Virginians by the end of 200, has received some important help from the Virginia Lottery. The Lottery, which has a large and impressive presence at most of the major events throughout the state, has partnered with the Race to GED to provide exhibit space at each event. The Lottery will soon incorporate Race to GED information in its point of service displays in every outlet and will use a RACE to GED TV spot in rotation with its other advertising on TV stations across Virginia. VALRC has redesigned its GED website to reflect the new Race to GED logo. Here is the link: The Virginia Department of Education has also updated its GED web pages to reflect the initiative: May 10, 2004
From our Virginia Partner,
VALRC is participating in a pilot of a web log system called Polilogue that is being conducted by the Virginia Department of Education in conjunction with the state's Race to GED Initiative. To find out more about Polilogue, go the Knowledge in the Pubic Interest site at May 10, 2004
From our Virginia Partner,
The April edition of Outreach, the electronic news memo created by the Literacy Support Center, and sent at the 15th of each month to Virginia's nonprofit community based literacy organizations is now on-line at May 10, 2004
From our Virginia Partner,
The April edition of the Virginia Adult Learning Resource Center’s newsletter, Update is now on-line at: May 5, 2004
From our Texas Partner,
The South Central Region GREAT Center has an online registration form, a growing list of training topics offered, and a form local programs can use to request a training. May 5, 2004
From our Texas Partner,
The Executive Summary of our Adult Literacy Clearinghouse Project final report for the project period ending in December 2003, which was an 18-month grant, is now on-line. Check under “What’s New.” May 5, 2004
From our Texas Partner,
The March 2004 issue of Literacy Links is now available at April 12, 2004
From our Texas Partner, The Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning (TCALL) is now hosting and maintaining websites for their state office at

The Project GREAT Adult Education and Family Literacy Regional Centers of Excellence are Texas LEARNS' answer to the professional development needs of adult education and family literacy practitioners in Texas. Eight (8) Project GREAT Centers are funded as federal State Leadership activities by the Texas Education Agency and Texas LEARNS, one in each of eight service regions in the state. The centers are managed by the grantees in collaboration with the state office of Adult Education (Texas LEARNS), Texas Education Agency (TEA), and the region's adult education directors. April 6, 2004
From Our Florida Partner
The Florida Literacy Conference is scheduled for May 5th -7th, 2004 in Daytona Beach, Florida. This keeps the lists buzzing with excitement. We are fortunate to have Jaleh Behroozi as a LINCS Presenter at the Conference. Come and join us! The beach is great this time of year. April 6, 2004
From Our Florida Partner
Samantha Sparks and Susan Horton will be presenting a LINCS session at the 2003-2004 Technology and Distance Learning Symposium in Tampa, FL on May 21st. April 6, 2004
From Our Virginia Partner
Five adult education programs in Virginia are piloting the Fast Track GED Program for accelerated GED preparation. Among the technologies being used in this program will be Steck Vaughn 21st Century web based instruction and Polilogue, a web log system that will allow teachers and administrators to share information and ideas. April 6, 2004
From Our Virginia Partner
The latest issue of Outreach, VALRC's electronic newsletter designed for community based literacy organizations has been published. March 11, 2004
From Our Tennessee Partner
The Spring 2004 edition of The Adult Educator: Instructional Resources is now available. “Why is the teaching of science important?“ The Center for Literacy Studies is pleased to offer these resources to assist in teaching science in the classroom. Why is the teaching of science important? March 2, 2004
From Our Kentucky Partner
The KY Resource Database has been re-introducted to our members and we are actively seeking new materials. Materials on the database are available to SLINCS. From the Kentucky side, our partnership with SLINCS permits our providers seamless access to SLINCs database through the KYVL portal. February, 4, 2004
LINCS Training & Marketing Resources
The Southern LINCS RTC Staff have developed a series of resources and presentations for use in getting the word out about LINCS and it’s usefulness to Adult Educators. These resources are available free of charge to all LINCS partners for their own use in presenting and training about LINCS. February, 4, 2004
From our Oklahoma Partner
The Lifelong Learning section of the Oklahoma Department of Education held four workshop for a total of 155 participants, all utilizing LINCS resources. February 4, 2004
From our Texas Partner
Grant recipients were informally announced at last week's state adult education/literacy conference for seven of the eight regions of Texas to be provided professional development services by the Project GREAT Adult Education & Family Literacy Regional Centers of Excellence. EFF Facilitator Donn Curry presented a 3-hour conference session on The EFF Teaching/Learning Cycle at the annual conference of TALAE (Texas Association for Literacy and Adult Education) in San Antonio on January 30. Approximately 40 people attended, including educators who were involved in the very successful EFF Retail Curriculum Pilot Project in the Rio Grande Valley. There was also a separate presentation on that project titled Teaching and Learning Retail Sales and Service Skills with the EFF Framework, presented by staff of Southwest Texas Junior College, one of the pilot sites. 100 copies of the LINCS to Literacy training CD were given out from TCALL's table at the conference, as well as numerous (we forgot to count) LINCS postcards and brochures. February, 2, 2004
From our Tennessee Partner
In Tennessee, a group of 29 teachers and supervisors who are involved in Equipped for the Future this year have just finished an EFF online course. The course centers on the EFF Teaching and Learning Cycle and draws heavily on using the online EFF Teaching and Learning Toolkit. February, 2, 2004
From our Tennessee Partner
"Workforce Computer Literacy-Helping Unemployed Tennesseans Achieve Their Full Employment Potential" is a new initiative being sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, Office of Adult Education. Using Incentive Grant dollars, fifteen counties are creative mobile computer lab classrooms and working with unemployed students who lack computer skills and other basic skills needed to enter the workforce. The computer curriculum being used is an adaptation of the course designed and currently in use in West Virginia.