January - December 2005 Archive

September 15, 2005
From Our Texas Partner

July 13, 2005
From our West Virginia Partner
Updated GED Testing Locations and Schedule

March 8,2005
From the Workforce Special Collection
Our Workforce Education Special Collection has a new index. You can see this at http://worklink.coe.utk.edu/site_index.htm. We are also anticipating putting up very soon a Glossary being prepared by the Core Knowledge Group of this collection. Stay tuned!

March 7,2005
From the Southern LINCS Regional Technology Center
The National Institute for Literacy - LINCS - Bridges to Practice training evaluation form is now avaliable. This information will be used to collect data regarding the effectiveness of the programs. As an agency of the federal government, the Institute is required by law to assess the success of its programs, demonstrate outcomes, and improve program effectiveness.
Click Here for the form.

February 29, 2005
From our Texas Partner
The Texas Center for the Advancement of Literacy & Learning has added 7 new resources.

  1. Addressing Workforce Literacy While Remaining Focused on Adult Ed Tondre-El Zorkani, Barbara (December 2004). College Station, TX: TCALL.
  2. A Bilingual Approach to Workforce Adult Literacy, Green, Anson (December 2004). College Station, TX: TCALL.
  3. Innovative Adult Education Program Launched: Adult Education, Local Work Source Centers, and Central Texas Technology Center Partner Moore, Christia (December 2004). College Station, TX: TCALL.
  4. Innovative Marriage of Skills: Model of Programs in Texas Salas-Isnardi, Federico (December 2004). College Station, TX: TCALL.
  5. Literacy Education with Employability in Mind Appelt, Ken (December 2004). College Station, TX: TCALL.
  6. Simplifying the Language of Authentic Materials Tondre-El Zorkani, Barbara (December 2004). College Station, TX: TCALL.
  7. Working Families Staying Connected Gramann, Jacqueline (December 2004). College Station, TX: T TCALL.

February 8,2005
From the Southern LINCS Regional Technology Center

Broken Links Reports
The Regional Technology Center has implemented a new system that provides broken link reports for web sites. When utilized, the system automatically traverses all links at a given web address and produces a report listing all of the links that do not respond or give an error message. This report is then e-mailed out to the Content Developer for the site allowing them to update the web site and minimize the number of dead links on the site. This system is available to all Partners who would like to participate. Please contact Bill McNutt (mcnutt@utk.edu) for details. January 11, 2005

Integrating Technology into the Classroom Using the Internet and LINCS
Have you ever tried to blindly put a puzzle together without knowing what the final picture will look like? This may be what is happening to you when you are trying to integrate computer technology into your classroom. You may not know what the final picture is or the pieces of the picture may be scattered or missing.

If this is the case, you may want to take a free six-weeks online course on "Integrating Technology into the Classroom Using the Internet and LINCS". This course is being offered as a part of AE-Pro: Online Professional Development, the new national system being developed by Midwest and Southern LINCS Regional Technology Centers with support from the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL). The course will run January 17-February 17 and will require approximately 2 hours of your time per week.

The course will help you see the whole picture, organize and find missing pieces, and complete the puzzle so that you can successfully integrate computer technology into the classroom. This course will provide quick access to educational resources, lesson plans, activities, tools for evaluating educational software, information about purchasing educational software, and knowledge to help you utilize a variety of software in the classroom.

To register, email Linda Eckert at leckert@urhere.net by January 17.

January 5, 2005
From our Tennessee Partner

EFF Website The newly redesigned EFF website has been officially launched. You will notice that some of the content has been reorganized and new updates and information have been added.

January 3, 2005
From our Texas Partner
Three new titles have been cataloged into LINCS:

1. Addressing Learning Disabilities in the Workforce System September 2004 Literacy Links article by Anson Green and Varshna Jackson

2. A Family Plan for Literacy Success September 2004 Literacy Links article by Jacqueline Gramann

3. GREAT Centers on the Road to Success September 2004 Literacy Links article by Ken Appelt

We also have a New Even Start in Texas page on state office website includes important information for the field selected by State Even Start & Family Literacy Coordinator Beth Thompson.