Mary Lynch & Cindy Bell
  This is the first lesson in a three-part unit consisting of: (1) Placement and Organization of Employment Ads
(2) Understanding Content Vocabulary in Employment Ads
(3) Choosing an Appropriate Employment Ad

  Employability, Life skills

Learner Level:
  Level II: Grade 5-8

Time Frame:
  2.5 hours

Learner Grouping:
  Small group, Whole class

  The activity took place in the small conference room of the Peninsula READS Adult Learning Center. The activity was a voluntary small group workshop consisting of three 2.5-hour sessions. Six learners participated; they were divided into two groups.

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  Peninsula READS

Type of Program:
  Volunteer-based literacy

Student Population Served:
  Literacy (grade levels 0-4.9)

Placement and Organization of
Employment Ads

Using actual complete newspapers, learners work sometimes individually and sometimes on teams to find the classified section in the newspaper; find the employment ads within the classifieds; note the categories into which jobs are organized; and practice categorizing and organizing specific employment ads. __________________________________________________________

Learning Objective:
Learners will be able to find the classified section in the newspaper; find the employment ads within the classifieds; recognize, define and locate the subdivisions within the employment ads; note alphabetical organization of individual ads within each subdivision; and locate ads for specific jobs

Primary Skill:
Read with understanding

Secondary Skills:

Learner Needs & Goals:
Participants needed to learn how to effectively use a newspaper to find a job. Their long-term goal was to find a job.

Learning Activity Description:
This activity has four steps followed by an assessment activity.

(1) Newspaper Orientation: Give each small group a complete newspaper and guide them through the orientation process by using Handout #1 - Newspaper Orientation. Use the questions on the handout to prompt group discussion.

(2) Employment Ad Categories: Distribute Handout #2 - Categories of Employment Ads to the learners. Ask them to use a dictionary and work together to complete the matching exercise in Part One on definitions of employment ad categories. After a discussion of the answers, ask learners to determine appropriate ad categories for the jobs in Part Two.

(3) Alphabetizing: Following an explanation of how ads are arranged alphabetically, have learners practice alphabetizing skills by completing Handout #3 - Alphabetizing Job Listings.

(4) Organization of Employment Ads: Have learners get into small groups. Distribute Handout #4 - Organization of Employment Ads and Handout #5 - Classified Ads Page. Tell them to use what they have learned to organize ads by category and then alphabetically. Learners must cut out the ads on Handout #4 and paste them onto the mock classified ads page on Handout #5.

Materials and Resources:
complete newspapers, dictionaries, scissors, paste/tape, handouts: (Note: The categories of employment ads differ from one newspaper to another. The sample handouts provided should be adapted to the way your local newspaper organizes employment ads.) #1 - Newspaper Orientation #2 - Categories of Employment Ads #3 - Alphabetizing Job Listings #4 - Organization of Employment Ads (two parts) #5 - Finding Specific Employment Ads

Attachments: (For Internet Explorer users, right click on link then choose "Save target as". For Netscape users, just hold down the shift key and click on the link.)

#1 - Newspaper Orientation
#2 - Categories of Employment Ads
#3 - Alphabetizing Job Listings
#4 - Organization of Employment Ads (two parts)
#5 - Classified Ads Page
#6 - Finding Specific Employment Ads

At the end of this activity, learners will know where the classified section is located within the newspaper, where the employment ads are located within the classifieds, and how the employment ads are categorized and arranged. In order to demonstrate this, distribute a local newspaper and Handout #6 - Finding Specific Employment Ads. Have learners find one ad for each of the ten jobs listed on the handout.

Most learners already knew where the classifieds section was located, and they could find the employment ads rather quickly. We could have spent less time on the initial newspaper orientation.
The cut and paste activity (step 4) was a valuable way to make sure the students really understood the way that ads were organized. Also, the students seemed to enjoy this activity.
Students used their new knowledge and skills in their own job hunting experience.


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