Mary Lynch
  This is the third lesson in a three-part unit consisting of: (1) Placement and Organization of Employment Ads
(2) Understanding Content Vocabulary in Employment Ads
(3) Choosing an Appropriate Employment Ad

  Adult basic education, Critical thinking, Employability, Life skills

Learner Level:
  Level II: Grade 5-8

Time Frame:
  2 hours

Learning Grouping:
  Small group, Whole class

  The activity took place in the small conference room of the Peninsula READS Adult Learning Center. The activity was a voluntary small group workshop consisting of three 2.5-hour sessions. Six learners participated; they were divided into two groups.

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  Peninsula READS

Type of Program:
  Volunteer-based literacy

Student Population Served:
  Literacy (grade levels 0-4.9)

Choosing an Appropriate
Employment Ad

Working individually and using the classified ads of a local newspaper, learners read descriptions of people's goals, interests, experience, and skills, then find an appropriate employment ad for that person. Next, learners find an appropriate ad for themselves. __________________________________________________________

Learning Objective:
Learners will be able to think about their own interests, experience, and skills; in order to determine what type of job they should apply for; learners will locate an employment ad for an appropriate job.

Primary Skill:

Secondary Skills:
Reflect and evaluate

Learner Needs & Goals:
Participants needed to learn how to effectively use a newspaper to find a job. Their long-term goal was to find a job.

Learning Activity Description:
This activity had one step followed by an assessment activity. Appropriate Employment Ads: Distribute Handout #1, describing the interests, skills, and experience of five individuals, to each of the learners. Have learners use the newspaper to find one employment ad that might be appropriate for each of the individuals described on the handout. Following this activity, discuss the appropriateness of the ads that each learner had found.

Materials and Resources:
complete newspapers, scissors, paste/tape,

Handout #1 - Finding Appropriate Employment Ads
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Learners knew how to think realistically about appropriate employment ads for certain individuals, based on those individuals' goals, interests, skills, and experience. Learners demonstrated that they were able to apply these questions to themselves, finding employment ads that matched their own situations in Part Two of Handout #1.

This lesson went very well. Part of its success depended on the group dynamics; the students seemed to trust one another and were willing to discuss their own personal situations. The activity might not have been nearly as successful if the group dynamics had been less positive.

A logical next step might be to encourage learners to do research on specific jobs or careers that interest them.


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