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  This is the second lesson in a four-part project consisting of: (1) Brainstorming job ideas (2) Job research for a job pamphlet (3) Writing a job pamphlet (4) Typing, reproducing, and distributing the job pamphlet

  General education development (GED), Reading comprehension

Learner Level:
  This activity is for intermediate to advanced GED students.

Time Frame:
  1-2 hours

Learner Grouping:
  Individual, Small group, Whole class

  This activity was done in a GED class that meets daily at an Adult Learning Center. Although this can be a group lesson, I am doing this lesson individually as new students come to the class. Any student who is studying for the Writing Skills section of the GED is encouraged to create her/his own pamphlet.

  Not available

  Bryan Adult Learning Center

Type of Program:

Student Population Served:
  Basic skills (grade levels 5-8.9)

Job research for a job pamphlet

Learners will use a variety of resources to research a job that interests them. __________________________________________________________

Learning Objective:
The learner will be able to research using environmental print and take notes from the written sources

Primary Skill:
Learn through research

Secondary Skills:
Convey ideas in writing, Read with understanding

Learner Needs & Goals:
Learners often talk about needing a job or looking for a better job, yet they are unaware of the jobs that are available. Even learners who obtain their GEDs return to the same low-paying jobs because they do not realize what jobs are available for their qualifications. Learners need general information about jobs as well as specific information about local job opportunities.

Learning Activity Description:
(1) During the first part of this project, learners brainstormed jobs and careers. Job titles were displayed along with the name of the learner who would research the job.

(2) Ask learners the following questions:

  • What job interests you?
  • Can you find this job in our area?
  • How can you find out the qualifications for this job?
  • How and where can you get training for this job?

(3) Have the students quickly brainstorm what they think the qualifications are for the job that interests them. Learners should also lists possible places of employment in the area.

(4) The learners can choose to work individually or with a partner on the research. If two learners are interested in the same career, they may choose to work as a team.

In preparation for this part of the lesson, have all the research materials available. You may want to set up a "Jobs Pamphlet Center " at a table. Research materials and a computer that has Internet access would be available here.

(5) After brainstorming job qualifications, distribute Handout #1. The handout includes questions for job research.

(6) Demonstrate how to use the resources to find important information and details about a job. Model how to write and organize notes on the information by focusing on the important details.

(7) Have learners begin their research by using the Career Questions To Research handout as a guide.

(8) When learners are finished, review the information that each one has learned. This is part of the assessment process.

Materials and Resources:

Attachments:(For Internet Explorer users, right click on link then choose "Save target as". For Netscape users, just hold down the shift key and click on the link.)

Handout #1 - Career Questions to Research

In order to evaluate whether the learner has acquired the skill of learning through research, monitor the class while they are working. Evaluate whether the learners are answering the questions, What does that reader need to know about the job? Does the research provide enough pertinent information?

When the learner has finished, do an informal assessment. Read his or her notes and ask questions about the research. These questions may lead the learner to reread notes and evaluate whether there is enough information.

This lesson is ongoing. As more students complete the project, there will be better examples of the finished project. Some are doing the research only because the teacher said to do it. It would be better if these students could have many other student examples to get the motivation and desire to do in-depth research because it would make a better pamphlet.


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