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  This is the first lesson in a four-part project consisting of:
(1) Brainstorming job ideas
(2) Job research for a job pamphlet
(3) Writing a job pamphlet
(4) Typing, reproducing, and distributing the job pamphlet

  General education development (GED), Learner produced materials

Learner Level:
  This activity is planned for intermediate to advanced GED students.

Time Frame:
  1-3 hours

Learner Grouping:
  Individual, Small group, Whole class

  This activity was done in a GED class that meets daily at an Adult Learning Center. Although this can be a group lesson, I am doing this lesson individually as new students come to the class. Any student who is studying for the Writing Skills section of the GED is encouraged to create her/his own pamphlet.

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  Bryan Adult Learning Center

Type of Program:

Student Population Served:
  Basic skills (grade levels 5-8.9)

Writing a job pamphlet

Individual students will take their research notes and design a pamphlet describing the occupation they are interested in and the facts about it. __________________________________________________________

Learning Objective:
The student will learn and use the steps of the writing process: organizing, writing, and revising to create the text of the pamphlet.

Primary Skill:

Secondary Skills:
Convey ideas in writing, Plan

Learner Needs & Goals:
All of the GED students I encounter need to improve their writing skills. This lesson will help them write for a purpose. They will use the skills of organizing, pre-writing, and revising.

Learning Activity Description:
(1) Have the learners examine sample pamphlets.

(2) In order to prepare learners to lay out the pamphlet, ask the following questions:

  • How are the sample pamphlets similar?
  • What kind of writing style is used?
  • Are sentences complete?
  • Are there lists and/or paragraphs?
  • Is there much text?
  • How are pictures or graphics used?

(3) List the similarities on paper or the board for guidance.

(4) Tell learners to keep Handout #1 and their research notes nearby. Have the learners take a blank piece of paper and fold it to look like a pamphlet. Learners should then use a pencil to begin laying out the pamphlet information. Tell learners to pencil in the headings where they want the information to appear. The headings will be:

  • Job Title
  • Job Skills
  • Work Environment
  • Qualifications or training
  • Where to get the training
  • Wage/salary range
  • Opportunities for advancement
  • Locations in the area for this job position

Demonstrate the process for the entire class. Discuss the importance of information and how it relates to its placement on the pamphlet.

(5) After learners have written in the headings, ask them to write the information that appears under the heading. Remind them that they can use lists, sentences and paragraphs as needed to explain the information. Tell them that they can write the easiest parts first and return to the more difficult sections later. The draft is handwritten, so that when the learners type the pamphlet, they can concentrate on copying and not composing.

(6) Monitor the writing process. When learners have completed a first draft, give them a copy of the “First Draft Checklist” (Handout #2) to revise their work. Ask them to clarify any problem sentences. You may want to highlight the text that is unclear or not grammatically correct. Learners then write a second draft to clarify and correct the writing.

(7) Finally, learners read each other's drafts using the “First Draft Checklist” to check for clarity and organization. They can then make suggestions for improvement.

Materials and Resources:

  • Handout #1 - Career Questions to Research
  • Handout #2 - First Draft Checklist
  • Learner’s notes on the occupation from her/his research
  • Model pamphlet created by the teacher to help the student visualize the length of description needed.
  • Additional examples of tri-fold, one-page pamphlets or brochures collected from businesses, health agencies, etc. The examples also show how graphics help or enhance the text.

Attachments: (For Internet Explorer users, right click on link then choose "Save target as". For Netscape users, just hold down the shift key and click on the link.)

Handout #1 - Career Questions to Research
Handout #2 - First Draft Checklist

Learners assess each other’s work for organization, grammar and clarity. In seeing other examples of organization and writing, learners can then reflect on their own work.

I would make sure to emphasize the organizing step in the pamphlet layout. Those who did not see this step demonstrated became frustrated.


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