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  This is the second lesson in a two-part project consisting of: (1) Creating a job resource center and (2) Writing a formal thank you letter.

  Employability, General education development (GED), Life skills, Technology, World Wide Web, Writing skills

Learner Level:
  ABE and Adult Secondary Level

Time Frame:
  1 hour

Learner Grouping:
  Individual, Small group

  This activity was presented to a Family Learning Center Class, consisting of learners age 18-55. Most learners in this class are Intermediate ABE or Adult Secondary Level. The emphasis in the class is on GED preparation and improving basic skills.

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  Vernon Family Learning Center

Type of Program:

Student Population Served:
  Credentialing (grade levels 9-12.9)

Writing a Formal Thank You Letter

Learners research various formats for writing thank you letters in resource books and through a provided Internet site. They use these resources to write a thank you letter to a recent outside speaker who visited their class. __________________________________________________________

Learning Objective:
Learners will recognize the need for writing a formal thank you letter. Learners will successfully complete a thank you letter. Learners will access the Internet and other resources for information and ideas.

Primary Skill:
Convey ideas in writing

Secondary Skills:
Use information and communications technology; Learn through research.

Learner Needs & Goals:
Learners in this class have a variety of needs and goals. Some learners want to improve basic skills so they can qualify for an entry-level job that does not require a GED, but that requires basic math and literacy skills. Most of the learners are working for GED certification so they can qualify for a job that requires a GED. Others want their GED certification so they can advance in their present job or obtain a better job. This activity will help all learners communicate more effectively in written form, and will provide them with access to information.

Learning Activity Description:
I. Discussion
Facilitator will begin this activity by asking learners when they might need or want to write a formal thank you letter. Suggestions:

  1. after a job interview, to the person who conducted the interview, or
  2. to a person in a workplace who has assisted you in some way by setting up an interview or other appointment, or
  3. to a representative of one of the various local agencies who has assisted you in some way.

When you have a situation that calls for a formal thank you letter, how would you begin the actual letter writing process? Where can you go to get help with writing your letter? There are many sources of help. Discuss the book and the web site and give each learner a copy of the book and the web site address.

II. Accessing Resources
If there are any learners in the class who do not know how to access the Web Site, the facilitator, or one of the class members, will provide instruction.

Learners then access the Web Site and examine the various types of thank you letters provided. Facilitator will introduce the activity: writing a formal thank you letter to the representative from the Workforce Investment Act Office who recently visited the class. The representative's full name, office mailing address, and other necessary information will be provided. Learners use the Web Site and the printed resources to decide on the format and content for their letter.

III. Writing the Letter
Learners will complete the necessary research and each will write a formal thank you letter. Letters will be edited, and then typed, or handwritten, and will be mailed to the representative.

Materials and Resources:
Web Site:
Book: OBTAINING INFORMATION AND USING RESOURCES (Copyright, 1993, Kristine Mains, Contemporary Books)

Attachments: (SHIFT-CLICK on the link to download)

Debrief this activity by discussing various occasions when it is appropriate to write thank you letters. Check for awareness of the need to send thank you letters. Learners exchange and are able to provide valuable feedback on each other's letters. Learners make corrections before sending the letters. Learners are able to access the Internet, use Internet and print information resources, and apply those resources to their work.

Several learners in the class wrote more than one letter; they wrote sample letters, typed them on the word processor, and even made several copies to use at a later date (address space left blank, to be filled in later). They also gained insight into the resources available on the Internet -- some of them used the Internet as an information source for the first time while doing this activity--which has resulted in increased use of the Internet by several students. After completing this activity, one of the students located a web site on essay writing for the GED, which has since been utilized by several more students.


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