Kristie Matthews, Mickie Phillips, Jake Sharp, Tomi Thompson
  This is the first of two activities on filling out job applications. The activities are: 1. Personal Information Card for Job Search 2. The Job Application - From Both Viewpoints

  Resumes - personal, Employability, Life skills, Writing skills

Learner Level:
  Basic skills, grade levels 5.0-8.9

Time Frame:
  Two class sessions a couple of days apart

Learning Grouping:
  Individual, Small group, Whole class, Self-directed student work

  These activities were conducted in Adult Education and Families First classes in a regular classroom setting. Classes met Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. There were 10 learners in class.

  Not available

  Scott County Adult Education/Families First

Type of Program:

Student Population Served:
  Basic skills (grade levels 5-8.9)

Personal information card for job search

Learners examine several job applications and make a comprehensive list of the categories of information that might be requested. Learners then gather their own personal information in these categories and create a portable personal data card they can use as a reference when filling out job applications in different situations __________________________________________________________

Learning Objective:

  • Learners will be familiar with the types of information needed on various types of applications.
  • Learner will compile a portable data card that contains all necessary personal information needed to complete various job application forms. Learners will be able to use this card as a reference while filling applications at the job site or in other situations.

Primary Skill:

Secondary Skills:
Learn through research

Learner Needs & Goals:
It was observed through class and through in-house application activities that learners did not always have or know the necessary information needed to complete a job application correctly or thoroughly.

Learning Activity Description:

  1. Instructor should compile a bank of job applications from local employers.

  2. As a class activity, distribute the applications to learners and compile all different types of information required on applications. This list can be put on a board or flipchart.

  3. Learners then take the data and as a group, create a personal information form on an index card or sheet of paper. The instructor will make duplicates of this form and distribute to all learners. Learners are given at least two days to fill in their personal information card.

  4. At the next session, learners voluntarily exchange cards to be critiqued for vague or incorrect information.

  5. If needed, learners can make corrections and create a finalized copy of their personal information card.

Materials and Resources:

  1. Sample applications from local employers.
  2. Paper or index cards.
  3. Flip chart or board.

    Learners will have met the learning objective upon completion of their personal information card.

    Next time this activity is facilitated, we will use computers to print out the forms for a neater format. In addition, we would like to contact someone with a laminating machine so that these cards are more durable during job search.


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