Kristie Matthews, Mickie Phillips, Jake Sharp, Tomi Thompson

  Community involvement, Employability, Life skills, Writing skills, Learner produced materials

Learner Level:
  Basic skills, grade levels 5.0-8.9 Credentialing, grade levels 9.0-12.9

Time Frame:
  Several class sessions

Learning Grouping:
  Small group, whole class

  These activities were conducted in Adult Education and Families First classes in a classroom setting. Classes were held Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Out of classroom activities took place to visit local businesses and industries. There were 10 learners in class.

  Not available

  Scott County Adult Education/Families First

Type of Program:

Student Population Served:
  Basic skills (grade levels 5-8.9)

Business and industry resource book

Through visits to various places of business in the community and interviews with company officials, learners compile business information including company goals, job types, benefit packages, salaries (if available), and positions open at that time. Learners then create the Business and Industry Research Book to be utilized for career planning and/or job search. The project is carried out periodically to keep the resource book up to date. __________________________________________________________

Learning Objective:
Learners plan, research, and design a directory of local business and industry information that is tailored to their questions.

Primary Skill:
Learn through research

Secondary Skills:
Plan, Convey ideas in writing, Cooperate with others

Learner Needs & Goals:
Through class discussion, it was observed that many learners were not familiar with all the businesses and industries located within the county. Many learners did not know what some of the companies did, what types of jobs were available, salaries or starting hourly rates, and other information that would be valuable to a present or future job seeker.

Learning Activity Description:
The overall design of this learning activity is for learners to gather information about local businesses by visiting the business and interviewing company representatives and taking pictures. The information is then compiled business by business in a scrapbook format which learners can use for career planning and/or job search. The project is carried out periodically to keep the resource book up to date.

  1. To begin, the instructor must decide how assignments will be divided among groups. Some suggestions are: (1) the instructor can assign groups to interview specific companies; or (2) assign groups to interview companies in specific community locations.

  2. A list of questions to ask each company will be created as a group activity. A questionnaire should be created for groups to record information of each visit. Some items to be included are company name, physical address, phone number, number of individuals employed, different job positions, type of benefit packages, presently hiring, are temporary services utilized, etc.

  3. The instructor will divided the class into groups of two to four individuals.

  4. Ground rules for assignment are to be discussed. One ground rule to be included is to make sure the roles of interviewer and the photographer are rotated.

  5. Groups are given their company assignments, interview sheets, and cameras. Time should be allowed for groups to make appointments, if necessary, and find the location of companies. (Some companies will be receptive to on-the-spot interviews, whereas, some will not be).

  6. Groups will then gather the information. This should take place in several sessions.

  7. As visits are completed, the groups can begin planning the format, then organize and catalog the information in a scrapbook, photo album, or loose leaf binder. A special prominent place should be reserved for indicating when companies are hiring, the position, etc. This information will be updated regularly and so should be in a format that can be easily changed.

  8. Finally, arrangements should be made to periodically schedule the updating of the resource book with job opportunities, added benefits, new companies, etc. Instructors can employ various different techniques for this activity (contact company directly, scan want-ads, contact local Labor and Workforce Development office, Chamber of Commerce, etc).

Materials and Resources:

  1. Master questionnaire for business and industry
  2. Scrapbook, photo album, or loose leaf binder.
  3. Camera (disposable cameras are inexpensive and work well)

Completion of the Business and Industry Research Book meets the objective set for this learning activity.

This activity was valuable because the learners utilized a variety of skills to become more familiar with the workplace. As this activity continues, we would like to use a digital camera and computer to make a more professional looking resource book. Also, we plan to use a wall calendar to schedule the days that the resource book will be updated.


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