Learning Activities Selection Criteria
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Any learning activity selected for the Workforce Education LAB should focus on some aspect of workforce education and prepare adult learners to gain the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for real life endeavors.

We understand workforce education to include any of the following approaches:

  • Workplace education -- instruction delivered in the workplace setting; often uses authentic materials from the worksite with assessment based on workplace specific performance outcomes
  • Work-based education -- instruction in adult education classes that includes a focus on the skills, knowledge, and abilities that learners need to be successful in the world of work
  • Pre-employment education -- instruction in which the goal is for learners to find employment, and the focus is on the skills needed to find and keep a job
A learning activity must be clearly connected to educational purposes and have practical relevance for workforce education practitioners and learners.

Each activity submitted to the LAB should include a clear statement of authorship. Please do not submit the work of others (copyrighted or otherwise). By submitting your learning activity to the LAB, you are stating that your plan is your original work and that you are authorized to grant the Workforce Education LAB the right to publish your work on the World Wide Web with proper credit given to you, the author.  You are also giving us permission to edit and format your activity.

Learning activities selected for the LAB will

  • be innovative or unique and of high-quality
  • clearly reflect a research-based framework of skills or standards, preferably Equipped for the Future or the SCANS Skills
  • employ active learning methods
  • fit into an ongoing project or larger unit of instruction and, ideally, be project-based
  • be current or up-to-date
  • be complete and well-organized
  • be cohesive and clearly demonstrate the logical development of the activity
  • be well-presented and well-formatted according to the LAB template and help resources
  • Each learning activity should include a plan for instruction that contains
    • a descriptive summary to aid users in choosing appropriate lessons
    • a statement of the learners' needs and goals that are addressed through this activity
    • a related learning objective that is well-stated, clear, measurable, and evaluated through the assessment portion of the plan
    • comprehensive, easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to conduct the learning activity
    • a complete description and/or samples of assessment activities related to the learning objective(s)
    • a reflection on how the learning activity might be changed or adapted for future use

    The plans for learning activities should not be dependent on the use of specific commercial materials.  Any materials accompanying, hyperlinked to, or attached to LAB activities should be complete and well-designed and appropriate for the target level, method of instruction, and instructional setting.

    Creators of submitted activities will be notified of acceptance, acceptance contingent upon revisions, or non-acceptance of submitted learning activities.

    Selection Process

    Persons having submitted learning activities will be contacted by email that their activities have been received and will be read by multiple reviewers and matched against the LAB selection criteria. You will receive a personal letter or email message telling you that the activity is:

    • accepted for use in the LAB;
    • accepted contingent on revisions (feedback about needed improvements will be provided); or
    • not accepted with an explanation of the requirements that the learning activity did not meet.
    We will do our best to provide this evaluation as quickly as possible. In the meantime, if you wish to communicate with us about your activity, please contact us at djgbrian@utk.edu. If you choose to contact us, please provide your name and the title of your lesson in your message.

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