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Equipped for the Future

  • Equipped for the Future: A Customer-Driven
    Vision for Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning
  • Equipped for the Future (Index)

  • U.S. Department of Labor
  • ELT Web Site
  • The Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System
  • The Center for Adult Learning and Educational Credentials
    Project Based Learning Exemplary Lesson Activity
    Learning Activity Form

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    Read With Understanding
    Understanding the news
    Statistics: Reading and interpreting production graphs
    Interpreting workplace memos and notices
    Choosing an Appropriate Employment Ad
    Choosing an Appropriate Employment Ad

    Convey Ideas in Writing
    Creating an effective resume
    Writing an article for a class newsletter
    Proofreading and revising articles for a class newsletter

    Communication and Problem Solving
    Writing a job pamphlet
    Typing, reproducing, and distributing the job pamphlet
    Statistics: Determining mean, range, median, mode and probability
    Communicating at work: Facilitating good communication

    Cooperating with Others
    Communicating at work: Building a successful team

    Decision Making
    Brainstorming job ideas
    Choosing an Appropriate Employment Ad

    Communicating at work: Five basic human needs

    Learn Through Research
    Job research for a job pamphlet
    Using the public library for career search

    Lifelong Learning
    Stress Reduction: Identifying and combating stressors
    Stress reduction: Deep breathing techniques
    Stress reduction: Visual imagery

    Listen Actively
    Telephone Skills - knowing whether to stay on the line or leave a message
    Communicating at work: Listening strategies and skills

    Speak so Others Can Understand
    Choosing an Appropriate Employment Ad
    Effective listening to learn ......
    Stages of team growth
    Working as a team

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    Learning Activity Form

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