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I. About Your Learning Activity HELP

*Title: HELP

If this activity is part of a larger project or unit, describe the project. HELP

*Write a one-paragraph summary of your learning activity. You will be asked to describe
your learning activity in detail in Section III, Your Learning Activity Plan. HELP

*What is the learning objective? HELP

*Primary Skill - Please select the one skill that is developed and assessed in this learning activity. HELP  (Learning Skills Controlled Vocabulary)

*Secondary Skill(s) - Please select an additional one or two skills that are used, but not evaluated in this learning activity. (To enter multiple selections, hold down Ctrl or Apple key as you scroll and highlight.) HELP  (Learning Skills Controlled Vocabulary).

*Subjects (To enter multiple selections, hold down Ctrl/Apple key as you scroll and highlight.
To find other subject terms - HELP.)

Other subject terms -- optional:

*Approximately how long will the activity take? HELP



II. About the Learners

*At approximately what level are the learners for whom you designed the activity? HELP

This activity is suited for what type of instruction?

  • Individual
  • Small group
  • Whole class
  • Self-directed student work


III. Your Learning Activity Plan

Materials and Resources - What specific materials helped your learners to conduct the
activity? (handouts, transparencies, Internet resources, equipment) HELP

Do you have any file attachment (e.g. handouts)? If so, please enter the file name with a short description about the file. You will be asked to upload the file at the end of the submission.

*Overview - Please describe the setting or context in which you conducted this learning
activity. HELP

*What learner needs and goals led you to this activity? HELP

*Describe the learning activity. HELP

*Assessment - Describe your plan for assessment. How will you know if learners have met
the learning objective? HELP

*Reflection - What would you do to change this activity next time? Describe how the skills
learned in this activity were transferred to a real-life situation. HELP


IV. About the Facilitator

Please tell us something about you and your program.

*Your Name:

Email Address:

*Program Name:

*Type of Program:

Primary Student Population Served:

*Program Address:

*Program Phone:

Program Fax:

Web Site Address of Program (URL):

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