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Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning is being used increasingly in adult literacy programs. This instructional approach:
  • involves learners in an issue that is important to them;
  • asks them to develop a response; and,
  • has them present their results to a wider audience.

Projects may last from only a few days to several months. To find out more about Project-Based Learning, visit the following sites:

Focus on the Basics

This December 1998 Issue of Focus on Basics is devoted to Project-Based Learning. To get a real sense of what it takes to facilitate project-based learning, read the candid articles by teachers Susan Gaer and Deborah L. Johnson. Their experiences may provide you with the inspiration and strategies you need to experiment with this approach. Heide Spruck Wrigley also provides an overview of the approach.

Email Projects Home Page

The Email Project web site, developed by Susan Gaer, lists a variety of projects that students can participate in or classes can replicate.