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Introduction to the Lab

The Workforce Education LAB (Learning Activities Bank) is an interactive resource of work-related basic skills lessons for use by instructors in the workplace or in traditional adult education programs and by adult learners.

The LAB is funded by GTE and is a part of LINCS (Literacy Information and Communication System), a project funded by the National Institute for Literacy. Southern LINCS and GTE Links Virginia to Literacy are developing the LAB in partnership. The LAB is a part of the Southern LINCS special collection of resources on workforce education.

The purpose of the Workforce Education LAB is to collect and distribute high-quality Web-based learning activities that focus on the basic skills and knowledge adults need to be effective in the 21st Century workplace. Instructors can find learning activities developed by other instructors and submit their own learning activities to the bank. The Workforce Education LAB helps instructors plan each step of a work-related learning activity and links to current frameworks for the skills and knowledge adults need at work including SCANS (Secretary's Commission on Achieving Necessary Skills), EFF (Equipped for the Future), GED (General Educational Development). Learners can use the site to interact directly with Web-based learning activities.