LINCS - Internet Site for Adult Educators

Jerry Winston

The Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) sponsored by the National Institute for Literacy serves as a gateway to a wealth of information that is of interest to all Adult Education personnel. LINCS has four regional sites - Eastern LINCS, Midwest LINCS, Western/Pacific LINCS, and Southern LINCS. The Southern LINCS Consortium is comprised of fourteen southern states from Texas to Virginia. As the Louisiana practitioner in the Consortium, I have spent the last six months exploring the LINCS sites on the Internet. It has been a wonderful, enlightening experience!

Point your browser to and explore! You will find links to sites such as these: Correctional Education, ESL, Staff Development, Workplace Literacy, Consumer Education, Adult Basic Education, Computer-assisted Instruction, Adults with Learning Disabilities, and many others. Southern LINCS is developing a One Stop Spot for Workforce Education Information. This site will feature model programs, contacts, policy issues, and statistics. Information on starting a workforce literacy program, curriculum, and assessments will also be available. One particularly interesting link provides lesson plans for literacy classes. These plans include learning activities for literacy students using a variety of household items. The lessons provide students with additional learning opportunities. Another resource that can be accessed through LINCS is information dealing with math anxiety. Some of the discussion at this site focuses on the symptoms and causes of such anxiety, and then gives simple solutions that can be used by any adult educator. These are only two of the many resources that are available at the LINCS location.

Has one of your students written a poem or an essay that you think is worthy of publication? Do you have teaching strategies, curricula, staff development ideas that you wish to share with others in the field? LINCS is an ever-evolving site that welcomes locally produced materials. Criteria for these materials are available at the LINCS site.

As a member of the Southern LINCS Consortium I have enjoyed communicating and sharing ideas with the representatives from the other southern states. It is interesting to note that in most of these states, the Internet is widely available to Adult Education students. West Virginia has access in every Adult Education classroom. Louisiana is now providing technology funds to the school districts according to technology plans which have been submitted. How can we encourage our local school officials to include Adult Education in their technology plans?

This article has been submitted to the LAPCAE Leader for fall/winter publication. The Leader is Louisiana's state newsletter and will be distributed to approximately 500 people.