Southern LINCS

Grant Number X257T000004-01

January 1, 2002-March 31, 2002

Name of Organization: Center for Literacy Studies

Region: Southern LINCS

Reporting Period: : January 1, 2002-March 31, 2002

Project Director: Jean Stephens

Report Prepared By: Jean Stephens

  1. Major Outcomes During Fourth Quarter
    • Joint Southern/Midwest Partner meeting held in St. Louis on 24-25. Ten Southern states attended. Agenda included sharing, update from NIFL, demonstration of new training CD, marketing of LINCS in libraries, with PR sheets, and to graduate programs, discussion of affiliates, demonstration of ALMA, demonstration of netmeeting, Adult Literacy Directory, technology updates, online courses.
    • Partner from Georgia visited Knoxville for meeting since they could not attend in St. Louis. Follow-up was made with other states not attending.
    • Attended national meeting of state directors and talked to all Southern state directors present. Distributed LINCS brochures and document holders.
    • Updated partner information on Southern LINCS site
    • Attended Workforce Education Core Knowledge Group Meeting
    • Assisted with brainstorming of re-design of Workforce Education website
    • Presented LINCS at four Tennessee Families First Technology Workshops (Total of 95 participants)
    • Librarian agreed to take lead on creating content of second LINCS training module; Created purpose and timeline for that training module
    • New LD special collection site was completed and will be launched on April 12, 2002.
    • Construction of new Workforce Ed special collection site is still under progress.
    • Obtained stand-along new URL for both LD and Workforce special collections:
    • Assisted Oklahoma in redoing their website; the revised site is being mirrored at
    • Ordered new server from another grant that will allow even greater capability for LINCS projects.
    • Oracle database, Oracle Applications Server, Oracle Portal, and Oracle Developer Suite were installed, configured and tested for potential LINCS project.
    • Prepared Learning LAB to work on Oracle database.
    • Supported SC, FL, TN and AALPD for frequent list admin jobs/requests.
    • Made 32 updates on SLINCS, LD Special collection, Workforce Special collection, Learning LAB, and Adopting LINCS template sites.
    • Provided 12 hands-on supports for local Web site construction and updates
    • Provided tech support to states and local programs in the areas of publishing locally produced materials, networking, file sharing, Win2K server, Oracle database, video/audio publishing, new IP and virtual server, file storage management, Web statistics, online calendar, discussion lists, and online security issues.

    Partner Activities

    • Arkansas distributed LINCS brochures at various PD events.
    • Florida hosted the Florida Literacy Conference and invited participants to contribute resources to LINCS. Jill Dotts, director, left her position. Samantha Sparks is serving as our contact now in Florida.
    • Oklahoma used LINCS material with 70 people in a workshop.
    • Georgia used LINCS in a meeting with 100 TANF teachers to discuss Teaching Strategies.
    • Virginia published its newsletter online with LINCS features and distributed LINCS materials with all workshop materials.
    • North Carolina placed LRC resources into the NCCCS Basic Skills Department's WWW pages on the Community College system's website. Prepared distance education report and handouts for March meeting of NC Basic Skills Advisory Board. Responds to more than a dozen requests for information each month.
    • Texas did presentations at state professional conference.
    • Tennessee presented technology workshops for 92 TANF teachers that included one hour on LINCS.

  2. Next Quarter Goals and Objectives, Expected Outcomes, Planned Activities, and Suggestions
    • Present at COABE: Literacy and Tech Training and Using Web Resources to Enhance Teaching in the ABE Classroom
    • Participate in LINCS pre-conference at Laubach Conference
    • Work with other regional technology centers on planning the work of LINCS through conference calls and joint meeting in Charleston
    • Hold monthly conference call with partners in April and June
    • Update SLINCS site as needed
    • Offer new technology services to partners: calendars, bulletin boards, web-based discussion lists
    • Continue to support Southern states in needed areas
    • Continue development of new sites for Workforce Education and Learning Disabilities Special Collections
    • Distribute letter and marketing materials to all graduate programs in adult education in the region
    • Share information monthly with Southern partners through First Monday reports
    • Provide LINCS online course using Blackboard
    • Hire and train new student for LINCS web/technical work
    • Put Learning Lab on Oracle Database

  3. Statistics
    • 2 records cataloged
    • 10 records edited
    • 144 records modified by NIFL. Transferred from previous librarian to Beth Ponder.
    • Responded to seven e-mails about resources from the Southern LINCS website
    • Published 3 Literacy Curriculum resources
    • Added 4 newsletters
      • Adult Learning Network - AR
      • The Oklahoma Review - OK (two issues)
      • Adult Educator - TN
    • Video clips and text scripts: (7 were online, but 3 were taken off due to copyright issues)
      • Stories of Lives Changed (with text scripts)
      • ESOL Teacher Training (with text scripts)
      • Families First Adult Education
      • Teacher's Inquiry Projects
    • New lists with web-based user interface: 9
    • New web-based online calendar: 4 (for WV, OK, VA, and SLINCS)
    • Tech communications through email: 362
    • Tech support through phone calls: 25
    • Web Use Statistics: 552,653, a 26.8% increase over the previous quarter (Full report in attached SLINCS Web Traffic Analysis)