Report For July 1, 2001 - September 31, 2001

Southern LINCS Quarterly Report

Name of Organization: Center for Literacy Studies

Region: Southern LINCS

Reporting Period: : July 1, 2001 - September 30, 2001

Project Director: Jean Stephens

Report Prepared By: Jean Stephens

  1. Major Outcomes During Fourth Quarter
    • VA, FL, WV, and TN either reconstructed or revised their websites based upon LINCS template.
    • Continued various tech support for state and local programs (many supports for FL, SC, and TN on mailing lists).
    • Installed and configured Mailman on the SLINCS server. The program provides a web-based user interface and is currently serving the AALPD group, the SLINCS technology committee, and other programs. The requests for the program are increasing.
    • SLINCS has been in the process of reconstructing the LD site.
    • Created 30 web-based calendars on the SLINCS server.
    • Prepared/configured SLINCS server for the cutover to the UT Volnet network, which provides faster and more reliable network services for LINCS end users.
    • Tightened SLINCS sever based upon security concerns and kept the server from being attacked by ever-growing Internet viruses.
    • Spent time with SLINCS staff on professional development (list administration, web statistical analysis, and other web-based applications).
    • Processed SLINCS server and retroactive data.
    • Continued working on Internet video conferencing technical aspects and estimated cost.
    • Worked on Oracle database development, which has a good application potential for LINCS project.
    • Developed Web Publishing Form with Northwest Center.
    • Co-facilitated Cataloging Training via conference call with 12 participants.
    • Participated in national training team calls and material reviews.
    • Cataloged 37 items, referred 9 materials to other special collections, and referred 17 edits to NIFL.
    • Developed system for periodic review of all SLINCS web pages and began updating the pages.
    • Held two conference calls with Southern LINCS partners.
    • Prepared continuation proposal, including SLINCS partners in dialog during the preparation.
    • Prepared first reports from WebTrends, showing activity on SLINCS site

  2. Next Quarter Goals and Objectives, Expected Outcomes, Planned Activities, and Suggestions
    • Plan annual meeting of Southern LINCS partners for January.
    • Work with Midwest on joint meeting.
    • Continue monthly conference calls with partnersPublish first video materials on SLINCS site.
    • Involve Southern states in software review by Northwest Regional Center.
    • Communicate with all Southern state directors on status of LINCS project.
    • Update SLINCS site as needed.
    • Encourage more participation on First Monday postings by Southern partners.
    • Explore additional reports available from WebTrends and decide what SLINCS should report.
    • Develop a plan for marketing LINCS to graduate students in adult education.
    • Encourage use of new marketing materials by partners.
    • Develop a plan with partners on how to recruit and involve affiliates.
    • Work with other regional technology centers on planning the work of LINCS through conference calls and meeting in November.

  3. Number of:

    Materials Cataloged: 37
    Materials Referred : 9
    Records reported for editing: 17
    Conference Presentations and Distribution of LINCS materials:
    • North Carolina sponsored an all day pre-conference workshop on using the Internet for instruction and included LINCS materials in conference packets at state conference.
    • North Carolina made a presentation on LINCS to the support staff of the Division.
    • Georgia had a LINCS presentation at the annual Adult Literacy Celebration.
    • LINCS Health Literacy Special Collection was focus of Georgia's Health Literacy Advisory Committee meeting.
    • LINCS presentation was made in Kentucky at KAACE conference.
    • Tennessee, LINCS materials highlighted at summer Instructional Academy and Fall training for Families First teachers.
    • Presentation on Critical Evaluation of Web Resources at both events.
    • Texas distributed materials at Texas Association of Adult Literacy Councils, Texas Workforce Commission Conference, and Administrators Meeting.
    • Virginia had a hands-on workshop on using LINCS at the SE VAILL, demonstrated LINCS at the Professional Development Plan facilitators' meeting, and individual LINCS workshops to Virginia Beach adult educators and the READ center in Richmond.
    • Virginia distributed postcards at all 3 VAILLs, a book fair in Dayton, and all the workshops listed above.
    • West Virginia distributed LINCS materials at state ABE conference.

    Conference Participants: 171 reported from 6 of the presentations. Other presentations did not report numbers.
    Materials Distributed: LINCS materials distributed to 880 people (not all distributions listed above reported numbers.)
    Web Use Statistics: 260,992 hits from 7/1-9/30 (Full report in attached SLINCS Web Traffic Analysis)