Report for Quarter 4, Program year 1997-1998

Name of Organization:   Center for Literacy Studies
Region:    Southern LINCS
Reporting Period:   Report for Quarter 4, Program year 1997-1998
Project Director:   Dr. Mary Ziegler
Report Prepared By:    Dr. Mary Ziegler, Dr. Limin Mu, and Wil Hawk

I. Goals and Objectives for last quarter

a. Enhance Web sites development and maintenance
b. Build partnerships
c. Provide technical assistance and training
d. Publish locally produced materials
e. Complete Teacher's Inquiry and End-Users projects
f. Enhance special collections

II. Activities planned for the quarter:

  • Complete the Consortium of End Users project
  • Publish (on-line) articles written by Consortium of End Users
  • Distribute (on-line) locally produced materials recommended by Consortium of End Users
  • Complete Teacher's Inquiry project
  • Put 15-minute streaming video of Teacher's Inquiry Project on line
  • Enhance the content of Workforce special collection
  • Realize the goal of publishing 50 locally produced materials on line
  • Cataloging all on-line locally produced materials with WAIS databases Provide more support for WAIS databases cataloging
  • Increase the power of browser function for the online locally produced materials
  • Create more listservs and provide more technical support for state lever users
  • Complete internal test for the WWW Board and open it to public for use
  • Install Web statistics software for the Southern LINCS web server
  • Conduct comprehensive updates on the Southern LINCS web pages
  • Collaborate on GTE project
  • Publish the second issue of Southern LINCS newsletter
  • Participate in NIFL design group and selection criteria group discussions

III. Major outcomes during the last quarter:

Web publishing

  • (a list of articles by Consortium of End Users)
  • (The Benefits of Southern LINCS as They Impact New Users-article written by Susan Gibson, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (I saw LINCS project as a technology affair filled with adventure-- article written by Lynda Breeden, member of Consortium of End Users
  • (LINCS and Technology: Two Motivational Tools as Used by an ABE Practitioner -- article written by Sandra Ross Rosenberger, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (LINCS Dissemination in Alabama-- article written by Jo Smith, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (LINCS - Internet Site for Adult Educators-- article written by Jerry Winston, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (Resources for Web Page Construction --article written by Steven Rice, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (Southern LINCS: A Great Internet Resource for Adult Educators! -- article written by Kit Bieschke-Baker, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (Southern LINCS: An Interactive Tool for an Interactive Approach to Professional Development -- article written by Ed Mayfield, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (Southern LINCS - A Report from an "Enduser"-- article written by Susan Gibson, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (Valuable Literacy Resource Available -- article written by G'Anne Sparks, member of Consortium of End Users)
  • (Corrections Inmate Education Assessment Program--Alabama, 43 Power Point slides)
  • (Go West!-- 1995 - 1996 Writing Project --South Carolina, 43 PDF files)
  • (Marketing Adult Education-Plan and Process, Jessamine County Adult Education, Kentucky)
  • (Midlands Literacy Initiative Foundations Workplace Communications --South Carolina)
  • (Even Start Family Literacy Program--Florida)
  • (Cataloging Locally Produced Materials (LPMs) on NIFL's Cataloging Forms)
  • (Report For Southern LINCS-- Quarter 3, Program Year 1997/98)
  • (new website of Kentucky Department for Adult Education and Literacy)
  • (new website of SCLRC)
  • (Project Metamorphosis (correctional education resource) -Louisiana State Literacy Resource Center)
  • (1997-1998 Catalog of Exemplary Programs --Florida)
  • (Southern LINCS streaming video demo) Besides, we've got 67 web pages updated with the Southern LINCS website.

Special collections

  • Workforce Education was greatly enhanced with its contents. 30 files were updated under the title of Workforce Education.
  • Two great pieces were added to Correctional Education resources from the state level: a) Project Metamorphosis, the first volume of a 13 volume, 100-hour curriculum for Corrections Education published by Louisiana at, and b) Corrections Inmate Education Assessment Program, a 43-slide show published by Alabama at

Technical assistance

Totally 182 email messages (in and out) and 16 phone calls were logged for technical communication for the past quarter. These messages and calls covered broad technical areas including Listserv creation and maintenance, WAIS cataloging, databases conversion, white board communication, search engines, streaming video technology, PDF publication, web site construction, web statistics collection, and server administration. South Carolina Literacy Resource Center's aelnsc-news list was one of the active lists hosted and maintained by the Hub. The list has got 85 subscribers. The Hub received messages or calls from South Carolina every other few days for list maintenance issues and requests.

IV. Services provided to consortium members:

  • Provided support to states using the Hub's WAIS databases to catalog locally produced materials. For instance, the Hub's technical committee solved the problem reported by Virginia: a) WAIS (or maybe the user) created a filename with a metacharacter in it. b) problem above caused certain files fail to display data when requested by user.
  • Created and maintained discussion lists for states and the region. Lists created during the last quarter included: region2-state-staff-news, region2-workforce-news, esl-news, and famfirst-news.
  • Published locally produced materials on the Hub's server. The Hub hosted locally produced materials from states on the Hub's server. For instance, Even Start Family Literacy Program (Florida) was published at, and Corrections Inmate Education Assessment Program (Alabama) was put on line at
  • Supported the Hub's research project -- Consortium of End Users. The Project was completed by the end of last project year. The Hub's Tech Committee created the discussion list for the consortium, answered technical questions, and published all the articles written by the consortium members.
  • Provided streaming video access for the region. The Hub published three video programs on the Web as experimental launchings: one from the Hub's Teacher's Inquiry Project, one from Consortium of End users, and one from Tennessee Literacy Resource Center (URL:
  • Provided presentation and publicity materials for states to use at state conferences and in-service trainings. Provided everyday technical support for states through email and phone calls.
  • Published one newsletter and distributed it throughout the whole region. Provided regular server maintenance, crontab jobs, system backups, server tightening, Listserv setups, and other technical services to the consortium through the server located at the Center for Literacy Studies.

V. Use of Fund
We have not encountered any problems in the use of project funds and we do not anticipate any carry forward from this year.

VI. Barriers and concerns in meeting objectives
States have interest in the project but hope to have more time and resources.

VII. Collaboration with NIFL
Collaboration is increasing as project takes on a more national focus.

VIII. Goals

Partnership building

  • Conduct regional meeting at New Orleans to develop ideas for the next program year.
  • Develop Learning Activities Bank (LAB) with the Virginia Literacy Resource Center as part of the GTE grant.


  • Reorganize web sites following guidelines established by NIFL
  • Design and construct GTE LAB site
  • Add resources to sites
  • Reorganize the workforce education and correctional education sites so more materials can be added

Expand use of LINCS

  • Presentations will be made at state and other conferences
XI. Statistics:
  • Number of materials cataloged: 40
  • Number of full-text materials uploaded: 31
  • Number of web-based materials produced and published on your server: 15
  • Number of phone calls: 16
  • Number of email: 182
  • Number of listserv: 4 (12 total)